Norinco Type 54 Model 213

The Norinco type 54 pistol is the standard pistol in use with the Chinese People's Liberation Army. It is a direct copy of the Russian Tokarev TT-33 pistol. In Japan, many Type 54  are used by Yakuzas as one of their used firearms. As a result, this pistol has become a byword for an illegal/yakuza pistol in Japanese media and it's also known as "Black Star''.


Weapon type:semi-automatic pistol
Weight:0.89 kg
Calibre & cartridge:7.62x25mm Tokarev
Effective range:50 m
Action:Short recoil actuated, locked breech, single action
In service:1951-present
Muzzle velocity:420 m/s (1,378 ft/s)